About Us



Here at DecalOnTop.com, we love creating unique and creative decals for a variety of devices. Whether it be your Macbook, iPhone or even your car windows, Decal On Top can help! With a wide range of selections, there is a striking design that is sure to catch your eye. We are committed to not only providing the highest quality decals, but making our customers happy as well. In addition to great design, one of the best things about our decals is that they only take minutes to apply!


Our Company is located in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia, and we are very active in our community. We take pride not only in our work, but the great local artists that help us out as well. We’re so proud of our product that we also hold a strong 30 days 100% money-back guarantee policy, no questions asked.


- Matt and Jen

Decalontop Founders